Guangsha Lost To Seoul Samsung By 26 Points

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Tom sports: The ABA Championships continues on September 15th, Zhejiang Guangsha Lions meets Seoul Samsung Thunder this afternoon. The home team only grabs the tournment-low 50 points during 40 minutes and lost to the away team by 26 points, the score is 50-76.

In the opening quarter, Guangsha made some mid-range shot by using screen and took an early lead, 8-5. But Seoul Samsung adjusted soon and fighted a 9-0 run back by great shooting touch and paint advantage, thus gained a 14-8 lead. In the last position of this quarter, Wang Fei`s layup made Guangsha a 13-19 behind.

The first few positions of second quarter both sides were pointless until Haynes of Seoul Samsung tipped in the basket. Luo Zhi of Guangsha answered from the range, Seoul Samsung still kept a 25-16 lead. In the last few minutes of this quarter, the game became a duel between Felix of Seoul Samsung and Wang Bo of Guangsha. Felix made several attacks and Wang Bo`s free throw and hook shot maintain the 6 points deficit until the time of this quarter expired.

In the second half, Seoul Samsung made a 7-0 run while Guangsha had problems offensively, the home team did not score until Zhang Wei`s fastbreak points with 5 minutes and 34 seconds to go. Only Luo Zhi could help the team by shooting some basket. Seoul Samsung were all on fire and unstoppedable offensively, by the end of this quarter, they established a 57-40 lead.

In the crucial fourth quarter, Seoul Samsung continued its attack both inside and outside and enlarged the lead to 22 points. Facing such a large deficit, Guangsha gave up resist and finally lost the game by 26 points, 50-76.