Veselin Matic: Hope To Meet Philippine Again

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships continues tonight between Philippine SmartGilas and Iran All-Stars Team. Philippine SmartGilas wins the game by 12 points, the score is 76-64. After the game, Iran`s coach Matic says Bahrami, the all star of the team, does not come to play because of an operation.

Speaking of the game, Matic says: ˇ°Philippine controlled the rebound and did a good job offensively. If we can beat our next opponent, Japan Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoeni, we can enter the next round and maybe meet Philippine again.

This Iran team is very different from the former one that goes to Turkey World Championships. For that Matic says: ˇ° This Iran team is a much younger team. In the coming Guang Zhou Asia Games, we need more young players to give the team energy.ˇ±

Bahrami of Iran team enjoys great popularity among Chinese fans and is regarded as ˇ° No.1 forward in Asiaˇ±. But he got injured in the knee and did not come to Turkey. Speaking of him, Matic says: ˇ° his condition is not good, he did an operation just a day before, only the doctor can decide whether he can go to the Asia Games.ˇ±