9-0 Run Makes Iran Turnaround Japan By 5 points

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships continues on September 16th in the sports center of Hai Ning, Zhe Jiang. The first game today is between Japan Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix and Iran All-Stars Team, neither of which got a win in two days. After 40 minutes competition, Iran beats Japan by 5 points, the score is 73-68.

Iran`s No.13 Kaduster and Japan`s No.12 Lacaille jump the ball to open the game. Being taller and stronger, Iran attacks the basket frequently and soon got a 7-2 lead. But Japan strengthen its defense and turnaround the score to 11-9. At the end of this quarter, Iran only leads by 2 points, 19-17.

In the second quarter, Japan changes strategy and makes some three-point attempt, stretching the lead by 4 points. Iran adjusts its defense to man to man after calling a timeout and catches up a little bit. But in the last moment of first half, Japan makes some shots and establishes a 38-34 lead.

In the second half, Iran has problems offensively while Japan is in the zone. With 8 minutes and 12 seconds left, Japan gains the biggest lead of the game, 11 points. Iran tries hard to catch up but their turnovers are too many. When the quarter time expires, Japan leads by 10.

In the last quarter, Iran plays half court pressure and forces turnovers for Japan, but Japan`s No.4 Nixson dunks it in to keep the 65-57 lead. In the last 5 minutes, Iran starts to fight back crazily, No.5 Waddy`s three and a fastbreak make Iran turnaround by 1 point. At last, a 9-0 run makes Iran turnaround Japan by 5 points, the final score is 73-68.