Veselin Matic: Defense is the Key to Victory

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships continues on September 16th in the sports center of Hai Ning, Zhe Jiang. The first game today is between Japan Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix and Iran All-Stars Team, and Iran beats the rival by 5 points, the score is 73-68. After the game, Iran`s coach Matic says Haddadi may participate the Asia Games.

Speaking of the game, Matic says: Ħ° We are well prepared for Japan and did a good job defensively. I hope my team could meet Philippine again in the final and beat it. Our goal is training for the coming Asia Games, the tournament is a good chance for us to warm up.Ħħ

Matic is looking forward to the Asia Games and sincerely hope his player Haddadi come back. Ħ° Now Iran Basketball Association is communicating with NBA, hoping to have our NBA players such as Haddadi come back to play for the Asia Games. Haddadi himself wants to be back too. But we are not sure of the final decision yet.Ħħ He says.