Seoul Samsung Thunder Cracks Pure By 38 Points

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships continues on September 16th night in the sports center of Hai Ning, Zhe Jiang. With 6 players scores double-digit points, Seoul Samsung Thunder cracks Pure-Youth Construction by 38 points. The score is 102-64.

This is game concerning big, the winner will takes lead in the group. From the first second, the teams are playing with full strength. Pure-Youth Construction takes an early 8-4 lead when their rival calls timeout. Seoul Samsung Thunder soon gets its rhythm back by Lee Seung Jun`s three-pointer and regains the 6- point lead and end the quarter with the score 22-14.

In the second quarter, Seoul Samsung Thunder players find their shooting touch from the range and soon extend the lead by 20 points. The crazy offense trend continues even if Pure-Youth Construction try its best to resist. As the time goes expired, Seoul Samsung Thunder establishes a 48-27 lead.

In the second half, Seoul Samsung Thunder controls the tempo and again extend the lead to 30 points. Only counting on some fastbreak points and three-pointers, Pure-Youth Construction has no chance coming back. The score is 73-42 when the quarter time is over.

In the last quarter, Pure-Youth Construction has nothing to lose and constantly takes shot but it is too late. The bench of Seoul Samsung Thunder come onto the court in the garbage time and they finally cracks Pure-Youth Construction by 38 points. As the No.1 seed in the group, Seoul Samsung Thunder will meet Iran all-stars team in the semifinal.