Xu Jin Zhe: We are not strong enough to win

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships continues on September 16th night in the sports center of Hai Ning, Zhe Jiang. With 6 players scores double-digit points, Seoul Samsung Thunder cracks Pure-Youth Construction by 38 points. After the game, Pure-Youth Construction coach Xu Jin Zhe says they are not strong enough to beat the Thunder.

Speaking of the game, Xu Jin Zhe says frankly: we are not a professional team, the gap between Thunder and us is huge. Today our players could not find our rhythm, we should draw a lesson form this one.

When it comes to problems of this team, Xu Jin Zhe says: both our players and foreign-aid players are new to our team, our goal is learning from the game. Actually we know quite a lot about the Thunder but we still lose the game. Our players even shorter than Guangsha`s, this disadvantage makes us weak in the game.