Wang Fei: We lack team chemistry on the court

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TOM Sports:The ABA Championships continues on September 18th afternoon between Guangsha and Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix. The final score is 52-76, Guangsha loses to its opponent by 24 points. After the game, Guangsha`s headcoach Wang Fei is disappoint about the team.

Looking back to the game, Wang Fei can not hide his disappoint feelings: ¡°Though we are well prepared before the game, we lack team chemistry from start. We lost 7 defense rebound in the first quarter alone and down by 16 points, which is hard to come back.

We should draw lessons from this game.¡±

The new addition to the team, Luo Zhi only played for 10 minutes. For that Wang Fei says frankly : ¡° Luo Zhi`s attitude is a big problem, he can not help our team and will not listen to my order.¡±

In this tournament, Guangsha has not win a single game, disappointing everyone.Wang Fei says the team will play a series of games to prepare for the new CBA season. The club is communicating Puerto Rico center Lamos and ready to sign a extended contract with him.