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Lin Zhi Jie : Our opponent crack us down far away

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships continues on September 18th afternoon between Guangsha and Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix. Guang sha loses the game by 24 points, still could not reap a victory in the tournament and only got a 6th place in 6 teams. The The final score is 52-76.

After the game, the reporter interviews Lin Zhi Jie of Guangsha, who scores 10 points in the game, including two threes in the opening minutes that gives Guang sha a short lead.

Speaking of the team`s problems, Lin says: “ our defense is terrible. Actually we were well prepared before the game, but when stepping into the court we forgot everything and lost our team chemistry. We are not tough enough”

As the first SBL player who come to CBA, Lin says : “ the biggest difference between the two league is that CBA is more intensive.”

Without foreign aid players, Guangsha could not reap a victory in the tournament. For teams adjustment in the new CBA season, Lin says it all depends on the coach, he only wants to focus on playing.