Seoul Samsung Beats Iran All-Stars In Overtime

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Tom sports: The ABA Championships semifinal begins on September 18th afternoon between Seoul Samsung Thunder and Iran All-Stars. Finally Thunder beats Iran All-Stars in overtime with the score 89-80 to reach the final.

In the first quarter, both sides plays tough and Iran takes a 6-5 early lead with 6 minutes and 58 seconds to go. After calling a timeout, Seoul Samsung Thunder still can not turn the trend around and the tempo is controlled by Iran. As the quarter time expired, Iran takes a 21-18 lead.

In the second quarter, Seoul Samsung Thunder strengthens its defense and shoot threes offensively, thus regains a 27-21 lead. Iran scores its first points with 6 minutes and 21 seconds remaining. In the second half of this quarter, both sides are committing lots of fouls and Seoul Samsung Thunder takes a 37-33 lead by the end of first half.

After a 15 minutes break, Iran fasten the tempo in the third quarter. But Seoul Samsung Thunder changes the defense to man-to-man and extends the lead to 12 points with 3 minutes and 15 seconds remaining. When the quarter time expires, Iran still downs by 6.

In the last quarter, Iran`s No.13 Kadusite constantly attacks the basket, helping his team tie the game at 58 with 8 minutes and 37 seconds remaining. After a timeout called by Seoul Samsung Thunder, both sides can not leave each other behind. With the time running down, the score is tied at 78, they go to the overtime.