Philippine SmartGilas Meets Samsung In The Final

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Tom sports: The ABA Championships semifinal begins on September 18th night between Philippine SmartGilas and Taipei Pure-Youth Construction. After a tight game , Philippine beats Taipei with the help of Dorset to reach the final. The score is 84-77, their final opponent is Korea.

In the first quarter, both sides find their rhythm as soon as the game starts. Philippine No.21 Dorset dunks it in while Taipei`s Amaya makes three free-throws. With 4 minutes and 30 seconds remaining, Taipei leads Philippine by 4. Though Casio hits two threes for Philippine, Taipei still takes a 19-17 lead after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the game turns out to be a duel between Philippine`s Dorset and Taipei`s Atkinson in the paint, but Dorset has his helper Aquila, who dunks twice alone in the quarter to establish a 41-34 lead for his team.

In the second half, Dorset continues his dominance in the paint. Even though Taipei`s players try to come back through teamwork, they still can not tie the score. When the quarter time expires, Taipei still downs by 7.

In the last quarter, both sides fasten the speed but that in turn creates many turnovers. Dorset helps his team withstand the run by Taipei. With 2 minutes and 44 seconds left in the game, Taipei only downs by 4 points, but the chance become slim as the time goes by. Finally, Philippine grabs the victory , the final score is 84-77