Veselin Matic: We reached our goal in the game

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships semifinal begins on September 18th afternoon between Seoul Samsung Thunder and Iran All-Stars. Finally Thunder beats Iran All-Stars in overtime with the score 89-80 to reach the final. After the game, Iran`s headcoach Veselin Matic says the team has reached its goal through the game.

Looking back to the game, Matic says: we only have one systematically training before the game but we played pretty well today. Though we lose the game, we have already picked the suitable player out through the game.

But Matic is not satisfied with the referee of this game. I do not like to talk about referee, but in order to keep the game smooth and fair, we had better invite European referees because they are a better choice. he says.

The Korea-America mix-bloody Li Seung Jun did a great job in this game, which draws the attention of coach Matic. But he contends every team can only have one oversea player according to the ABA rules.