Xun Jin Zhe : We will focus on the next game

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships semifinal begins on September 18th night between Philippine SmartGilas and Taipei Pure-Youth Construction. After a tight game , Philippine beats Taipei to reach the final with the score 84-77. After the game, Taipei coach Xun Jin Zhe says the team will well prepare for the next game with Iran to get the third place.

Looking back to the game, Xun Jin Zhe says frankly : we do not have big guy in the paint and our free-throw is a big problem. Turnovers also ruins us in the second quarter.

Speaking of tomorrow`s game with Iran, Xun Jin Zhe predicts it will be a tough game. As long as we protect paint, we will have chance, or the game will be a tough one like today. He says.