Amaya`s 9 Threes Can Not Guarantee A Victory

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships continues on September 19th afternoon between Iran All-stars and Taipei Pure-Youth Construction. After a tight game , Though Amaya hits 9 threes, Iran still beats Taipei with extremely high team chemistry to win the third place. The score is 96-86.

Iran`s No.11 Sohrabnejad hits two threes to open the game but Taipei ties the game by mid-ranged shot. The turning point of the game is the injury of Lin Jinbang of Taipei. With 4 minutes remaining in this quarter, Lin is fouled hard and hits his back head on the floor. After his leave the game, Iran catches the chance and extends the lead to 24-17 by the end of this quarter.

In the second quarter, Iran fastens its speed and refuse to leave Taipei the opportunity to come back. The mid-east men constantly attack the basket and shot from downtown. When the half time expires, the score is 49-33, Iran leads by 16.

In the second half Lin comes back, which inspires the whole team. In this quarter alone, Amaya of Taipei hit 5 threes and makes some layups. But Iran is not so easy to be turned back and still takes a 69-65 lead when the quarter time is over.

In the last quarter, Amaya`s exhibition continues helping his team withstand the hard attack by the rival. Still, Iran stay calm before such condition. By drawing fouls and coming to the free throw line they keep the lead. In the clutch time. Amaya only makes one of 3 free throws, thus loses the last chance. The final score is 96-86, Iran wins the third place of this tournament.