Taylor Amaya: I hope to come back to play CBA

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships continues on September 19th afternoon between Iran All-stars and Taipei Pure-Youth Construction. After a tight game , Though Amaya hits 9 threes, Iran still beats Taipei with extremely high team chemistry to win the third place. The score is 96-86.After the game, Tom sports interviews Amaya.

Amaya thinks the team should have won this battle: ˇ°we are too nervous, the victory should belong to us, because I hit so many shots. But I am happy for the team is moving forward.ˇ±

As for his 9 threes performance, Amaya expresses his satisfaction: ˇ° I did not score in the first half, but I got 37 in the second half. This is not my career high, but the second half points is my best half court performance.

Amaya used to be regarded as ˇ°fake starˇ± by Guangdong Hongyuan club, but his unbelievable performance today proves his ability. When asked about if he wants to come back to CBA, he say: ˇ° I would like to come back, but it has been a year that any CBA staff rang me up.ˇ±