Seoul Beats SmartGials By One To Win The Title

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Tom sports: The ABA Championships final game starts on September 19th night between Seoul Samsung Thunder and Philippine SmartGilas. Finally Seoul Samsung beats Philippine by 1 point to win the championship.

Philippine has a fantastic opening and takes an early 7-0 lead in the first quarter. After calling a timeout, Seoul Samsung Thunder still can get it to go despite their height advantage. When the quarter time expires, Philippine takes a 25-18 lead.

In the second half, Seoul`s defense is still easy to break and its players are not in rhythm. By playing fastbreak and attacking the paint, Philippine still keeps a double-digit lead: 42-32.

From the second half on, Seoul intensify its defense and come back a little. Philippine`s zone defense could not work, because Seoul begins to get its shooting touch back. With Li Seung Jun`s buzzer-beater comeing into the basket, Seoul regain a 57-55 lead.

In the fourth quarter, both sides play tough defense and try to shoot in every basket. In the last minute, Seoul`s foreign aid player Hayens makes the layup, helping his team grab a 83-82 narrow win over Philippine.

In the awarding ceremony afterwards, Cheng Wanqi, the life-long honorary chairman of FIBA award Seoul Samsung Thunder the championship cup. The second to sixth place are: Philippine SmartGilas, Iran All-Stars, Taipei Pure-Youth Construction, Japan Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix and Zhejiang Guangsha Lions.