Marcus Douthit: Our target will be Asia Games

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TOM Sports: The ABA Championships final game starts on September 19th night between Seoul Samsung Thunder and Philippine SmartGilas. Finally Seoul Samsung beats Philippine by 1 point to win the title. After the game Marcus Douthit of Philippine gets interviewed by TOM sports.

Douthit feels sorry for the narrow lose: we got a good preparation before the game, but it is a pity we lose in the last moment. Hayens of Seoul is a good player, it is hard to stop them.

When it comes to the preparation for the Asia Games, Douthit says: we will come back to Philippine and draw a lesson from this tournament. Fortunately we don not have any injuries, that is a good news for Asia Games. Speaking of the future Asia Games, he says: I do not know much about Asia teams, but I will try my best to help my team to perform well in the games.